Does your business need a boost, a new direction? Does your leadership need energy, passion and drive to allow for new initiatives, focus and improved results?

Executive coaching with Rowena Wild is a client-led, structured and results-driven method of unlocking the barriers that prevent future achievement, and improving people, performance and profit.

  • Leadership development
  • Team dynamics
  • Business strategy & goal setting
  • Business expansion or diversification
  • International placement
  • Career change
  • Promotion
  • Career/life balance
  • Starting a new business
  • Re-establishing a career following a break
Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching is for people who recognise and accept that in order to move forward and achieve their full potential, there needs to be change. Whether the enemies to achievement are practical, logistical or a matter of mind set, executive coaching will provide you with the clarity of thought required to enable you to take action.

Corporate Coaching

A company's middle managers are its future leaders. My role within a corporate structure is to develop leaders and the talent pool to work to their full potential by building upon existing strengths and resources. I aim to provide outcomes that are in line with company culture and business objectives.