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I have over 25 years of business experience, culminating in Board level positions and I understand the need for resilience, clarity and above all, passion, when leading an organisation. For me, Executive Coaching brings together so many of my abilities and enables me to work closely with like-minded professional people, helping them progress their way through the expected and unexpected challenges that life and work throw at us. I bring with me relevant personal experiences, empathy and humour. Most importantly, I feel passionate about the concept and your learning outcomes; and passion is what it’s all about.

Now, as an accredited Executive Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching – AoEC), I bring a solution-led and creative approach to individuals, leaders and teams to support their professional development and business results. . My work is values-led, so I aim for goals that truly resonate with beliefs. I continue to develop my own skills by attending regular workshops and continue training with the Academy of Executive Coaching, ensuring my skills are current and relative to the fast-paced world of business today.


  • Accredited Practitioner and Associate of Academy of Executive Coaching
  • Values accredited coach for individuals and teams
  • NLP Practitioner with Hypnotherapy
  • Master classes including challenging coaching and transformational coaching
  • Train the Trainer
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The riddle of the frog

There are five frogs sitting on a lily pad. Four decide to jump into the pond. How many are left? Five! Because there is a world of difference between making a decision and taking action.

The riddle of the frog provides the essence of what my coaching is about – helping business professionals like you through the process of decision-making and coaching you to ensure that the decisions result in actions.

When did you last invest in your potential? Now is the time to take a leap and turn your decisions into action.

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