Individual Coaching

  • Are you going through a period of professional or personal change?
  • Does your business need a boost, a new direction?
  • Are you in a rut and finding it difficult to motivate yourself and your staff?
  • Are you full of new ideas, but struggling to make anything happen?

There are many enemies to achievement - practical, logistical and emotional. Lack of direction, indecision, inertia, lack of confidence, pessimism, and sheer thought-exhaustion are just a few of the 'internal' reasons that many of us struggle to reach our full potential in business. And they are as great a threat as the logistical aspects of work/life balance, family complexities, economies, market share, and other 'external' factors.

Only a very fortunate minority wake up each day and achieve their full potential. We hear stories about entrepreneurs' successes, and are disappointed by our own lack of focus. There are so many day-to-day priorities in our working lives, that freeing up the time and energy to concentrate on the bigger picture can seem like an impossibility. And so the pattern repeats itself.

Executive Coaching is for people like you who recognise and accept that in order to move forward, there needs to be change. Whether the factors that are holding you back are 'internal', 'external', or a combination of both, executive coaching will provide you with the clarity of thought required to enable you to take action.

The first step to freedom lies with you. Acknowledging that if you carry on doing things the same way you'll get the same results. Once you recognise and accept the need to change, and take steps to make a new start, you're already well on the way.

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