Individual Coaching

  • Are you going through a period of professional or personal change?
  • Does your business need a boost, a new direction?
  • Are you in a rut and finding it difficult to motivate yourself and your staff?
  • Are you full of new ideas, but struggling to make anything happen?
  • This time next year what will you regret that you have not done now?
Rowena Wild Individual Coaching

Now is the time to embrace change so you can achieve your full potential. Working with me on a one-to-one basis, your individual coaching journey will bring clarity and support you to define and deliver your goals for success, both professionally and personally. If you are determined to grow and attain optimum business performance, individual executive coaching is for you.

The first step to freedom lies within you. By acknowledging that if you carry on doing things the same way you will get the same results, you can make the changes you need to move forward. Once you recognise and accept the need to change, and take steps to make a new start, you’re already well on the way.

My passion is helping you find your passion. Here’s how it works…

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The riddle of the frog

There are five frogs sitting on a lily pad. Four decide to jump into the pond. How many are left? Five! Because there is a world of difference between making a decision and taking action.

The riddle of the frog provides the essence of what my coaching is about – helping business professionals like you through the process of decision-making and coaching you to ensure that the decisions result in actions.

When did you last invest in your potential? Now is the time to take a leap and turn your decisions into action.

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