My Process

Executive coaching is a client-led, structured and results-driven method of breaking down the barriers that prevent future achievement.

There are four stages to my process.

First, we need to understand where we are. Then, we can explore suitable approaches to move forward. Once we have done this we can evolve a clarity of vision, values, purpose, behaviours, focus and outcomes. Finally, we will work together to deliver and measure a consistent approach for future success.

My work with you will be over a series of one-to-one sessions, during which we will:

  1. Identify the choices, difficulties, challenges and barriers that are affecting your professional life, causing inertia, or leading to self-doubt.
  2. Establish goals, isolate the limiting factors; give power and energy to solutions
  3. Our work together will be collaborative, stimulating, challenging and probing, and will have a set of clear objectives
  4. Together, we will resolve issues and establish strategies, techniques and methodologies that will allow you to achieve your goals and deliver improved business results
  5. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every personal business challenge which is why the unique environment of one-to-one coaching reveals solutions that match your own circumstances, abilities, skills, and external factors

You will be given the time, space and empathy to explore your thought processes. Challenging questions will provide a platform for self-understanding and clarification of goals. I will provide the motivation you need to recognise the opportunities that face you and support your desire for change. Together, we shall work towards your dream becoming a reality!

It goes without saying that this entire process will be completely confidential.

You will be the driving force behind your own success. You need a desire and commitment to make changes, take accountability and a willingness to be open and honest with yourself throughout the process. Sustainable business success can no longer be taken for granted. Whether you are a business leader, entrepreneur, or making your way up the corporate ladder, you will be constantly facing new challenges.

People who are able to deliver innovative solutions will thrive. Are you ready to be that person?

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