Rowena Wild

A challenging and dynamic business coach, I have many years of experience at the business front line, coaching, training, mentoring, developing, and leading large numbers of staff at all levels.

I have first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and SME's, and an appreciation of the difficulties faced by women in the work place, having balanced the demands of running a family alongside competing in the board room. And how to resolve the issues that arise when both partners are operating in highly demanding work situations and need to prioritise business.

In my role as MD of the national property company, Chesterton, I found myself balancing the needs of 500 staff with the demands of the boardroom as I was leading the company through a crucial period of change of ownership and a stock market listing.

Later in my career, I set up Rowena Wild Associates, a management consultancy and training business which flourished until my husband's career moved overseas. A move, firstly to Germany, then to the US, seemed likely to keep me away from the boardroom at least in the short term. As it happened, I found myself becoming involved in various charities, and became vice president of the American Women's Club, as well as membership secretary of the British Women's Club.

On returning to the UK, with two children who were on the verge of independence, I took stock of the skills I acquired over the previous 25 years, and spent time establishing exactly how I wanted my professional life to play out. Executive coaching brought together so many of my abilities, and presented an environment in which I could work closely with like-minded professional people, helping them progress their way through the expected and unexpected challenges that life and work throws at us. I brought with relevant personal experiences, empathy and humour. Most importantly, I felt passionate about the concept; and passion is what it's all about.

Now, as an Accredited Associate Executive Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching - AoEC), I'm bringing a solution-led and creative approach to individuals' professional development. I continue to develop my own skills by attending regular workshops, and continued training with the Academy of Executive Coaching, ensuring my skills are current.


The riddle of the frog:

There are five frogs sitting on a lily pad. Four decide to jump into the pond. How many are left?

Five! Because there's a world of difference between making a decision and taking action.

The riddle of the frog provides the essence of what my coaching is about - helping business people through the process of decision-making and coaching them to ensure that the decisions result in actions.